Your elderly family member might not think she’s ever going to have to face osteoporosis, but there are a lot of misconceptions about this condition. Learning as much as possible about bone health and keeping your senior’s bones safe can help her to avoid bigger problems even if she does develop osteoporosis.


Homecare in Dadeville AL: Dealing with Osteoporosis

Homecare in Dadeville AL: Dealing with Osteoporosis


Osteoporosis Is More Common than You Think

Lots of people believe that osteoporosis is rare or that it’s something that couldn’t possibly happen to them. The reality is that osteoporosis is extremely common for people of varying ages and health levels. Just because your senior eats healthily already and exercises, that doesn’t mean she has completely avoided osteoporosis. There are a lot of variables at play.


Anyone Can Have Osteoporosis

In addition to misconceptions about how common osteoporosis is, lots of people tend to think that only women get osteoporosis. But men are just as likely to develop osteoporosis, especially if there is a family history and other risk factors at play. Just assuming that your senior won’t develop osteoporosis isn’t a great idea. Her doctor can test her bone density and look at family history and other factors.


Osteoporosis Doesn’t Always Announce Itself

Something else to consider is that there aren’t always a lot of symptoms involved with osteoporosis. Many people don’t learn that they even have bone weaknesses until they fall or experience some other type of injury that results in a broken bone. It’s important to talk to your senior’s doctor about her risk factors, including any family members who have had osteoporosis, so that you can all develop a plan together to manage bone health before it becomes critical.


It’s More Serious than You Might Think

If your elderly family member doesn’t really know much about osteoporosis, she might think it’s no big deal. What happens, though, is that your senior’s bones can become weaker and weaker, which leaves them susceptible to a break from even minimal impact. Bumping into a table could cause serious injury and pain. If the injuries are severe enough, your senior may even end up in the hospital or having surgery. All of that is something you want to avoid.

There’s so much that your senior needs to consider when she’s managing osteoporosis. Having some extra help may be a priority now, too. Home care providers can make daily tasks easier and they can also be there in case something happens.


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