A lot of attention was brought to self-isolation as the best way to avoid a highly-contagious virus. Being housebound isn’t fun at any age. It’s led to questions regarding how to find enough to do when you’re stuck inside.


Home Care Services in Auburn AL: Senior Self-Isolation

Home Care Services in Auburn AL: Senior Self-Isolation


One question that families hear is “do older adults have to stay inside?” Your parents can go outside. They just need to be careful when they are outside. These are the steps they need to follow.

Take a Walk But Avoid Others

Walking outside is a great form of exercise. It also gives your parents the chance to soak up a little vitamin D naturally. They should try to get outside, even when they’re trying to be isolated from others, for their mental and physical health.

What they should do is pay attention to their surroundings. If they see a neighbor outside, they can say hi from a distance. If they’re walking down the road and see someone walking towards them, they can cross the street to keep a six-foot gap.

Choose Less Populated Areas

They should look for quieter places to walk. A park may have more people than a trail in the woods. A busy city street is going to be far more populated than a country lane. Have them walk in the areas where there are fewer people.

If they live in a city, they should head to a nearby nature preserve. If they’re in the country, they should find plenty of congestion-free places for daily walks. If safety is a concern, you could join them or make sure they have a phone with them.

Look for Exercise Opportunities in Their Yard

It may not be easy for them to walk too far, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be outside. Set up container gardens or put in raised beds around their patio or driveway. They can walk around the yard and tend to their plans while enjoying the sun and fresh air.

If your parents can bend over and squat down, a traditional garden is easy to put in. Have a portion of their yard prepared for gardening. A rototiller, weed-blocking fabric, and plants or seeds are all they need to get started.


Self-isolation doesn’t mean your parents have to be completely alone. Senior care aides can stop by after running errands to make sure your parents have necessary supplies like food, toiletries, and paper products. They can call in prescription refills and pick them up. Call a senior care agency to make the arrangements.


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