Pain in your senior’s back affects everything that she does. She may even realize that she’s not doing any of the things that she loves anymore because of the pain she experiences. Here’s how you can help her to cope.



Home Health Care in Dadeville AL: Senior Back Pain

Home Health Care in Dadeville AL: Senior Back Pain


Talk to Her Doctor about What’s Happening

Make sure that you always start with a conversation with your senior’s doctor when she’s experiencing new or worsening pain. Her doctor may have some ideas that are related to the care plan that they’ve worked out over time. If this is because of a new injury, your senior’s doctor may recommend some therapies or treatments to help her to heal. For older injuries, worsening pain often relates to the development of arthritis or loss of cartilage in a joint.


Back Support Is Crucial

Supporting your senior’s back properly can help a lot when the muscles in her core may not be strong enough. Back braces and lumbar supports that fit into chairs and other seating arrangements might be a good option. Even a pillow or a rolled-up towel can be helpful in a pinch. Try different methods of support until you find one that feels good to her. Your senior’s doctor may recommend that she wear a brace for certain activities or for a set amount of time per day.


Make Sure She’s Wearing the Right Shoes

When the problem is in her back, your senior might not think about her feet at all, much less about what’s on her feet. But her feet and how well they’re supported directly affects how her knees, hips, and torso line up. If she doesn’t like to wear shoes or she wears shoes that don’t have supportive soles, you might want to try out a few pairs of much more supportive shoes. They take some getting used to, but she may not need orthopedic versions at all if she’s willing to try a few different styles of shoes that offer firm support.


Consider Swapping Her Mattress

Most people don’t think about replacing their mattresses because they’re expensive and they’re an “out of sight, out of mind” type of item. It’s only when there’s a lot of pain and discomfort that you or your senior might stop to wonder how old her mattress really is. If her mattress is over than about a decade old, it might be a good idea to shop around for a new one that may well offer the support she needs overnight.


Back pain can seriously hinder your senior’s mobility, even if the injury is only a temporary one. Having help from elder care providers on a daily basis may be a good idea until she’s healed or even longer.


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