It’s said that there are five stages of grief: denial, anger, depression, bargaining, and acceptance. How long they last can vary from one person to the next. Not everyone will experience each stage in depth. Some people work through their grief quickly, but others may need years.


People handle grief differently. Some need to talk as much as possible, but others want to shut the world out and be alone. While there is no right or wrong way to grieve, it’s important that you have support there when you need it. When it’s your mom or dad who is grieving, it can be very hard to manage, especially if you’re also grieving.


Watch for Signs of Depression

Depression is common after someone close to you dies. Watch your mom or dad to make sure depression isn’t worsening. If your parent stopped getting out of bed, taking showers or is drinking more than usual, it could be a sign that depression is getting hard to manage without help.


Make Sure Your Mom or Dad is Eating

Many people respond to grief by shutting down. If your parent has no appetite, it’s a normal response, but it’s also an unhealthy one. Make sure you’re all sitting down for light meals. It doesn’t have to be a formal meal, but you need to get the right nutrients in to help your body heal from the emotional trauma.

If you can only get your mom or dad to eat a light meal, that’s fine. Increase the number of times you’re putting a plate nearby. Focus on finger foods that can be eaten slowly while looking at photos, making memorial/funeral plans, or notifying others via email or phone.


Be There to Talk To

Your parent will want to talk to someone. Sometimes the words may be angry, other times it will be moments of reflection. Be there for these conversations as much as you can. You can reminisce about favorite memories. You may simply be a sounding board. Just make sure you’re there.


Join Your Parent for Walks

Don’t let exercise get ignored. When the weather is good, join your mom or dad on a walk around the gardens in the yard, around the block, or to a local park. The recommended goal for exercise is 30 minutes a day, so try to get that much exercise in. You can talk along the way.


Your mom or dad will likely find it hard to adjust if they’re suddenly alone in the house. Hire senior care services for companionship. It eases the loneliness and isolation that can occur after a spouse or partner dies. Learn more about senior care by making a call.


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