Clutter is common, but it’s also a leading stressor in a senior’s life.
Decades of living in the same home may lead to items that were used once and tucked away. Your mom stopped using her pressure cooker years ago, but it’s still taking up space. Your dad hasn’t touched his table saw in decades, but it’s still in the middle of his garage.

Items that evoke memories can be hard to get rid of, but they become clutter when they’re no longer useful. Too much clutter can devalue a home and pose a hazard when it comes to safety.


Go through these rooms and start improving safety by decluttering…


The Bedroom

A lot of clutter ends up hidden under beds and in bedroom closets. Your mom really wanted that knitting machine, but it’s under her bed. She’s never used it. She also has bags of yarn pushed under her bed. Everything is gathering dust, which is increasing your mom’s allergy to dust.

Clothing is another common form of clutter. Your mom loved that shirt, but she hasn’t fit into it in decades. It’s hard for her to get items from her closet because she’s having to climb past piles of clothes she never wears.


The Entryway

The entryway is packed with shoes, coats, umbrellas, and reusable shopping bags. Your dad only wears one coat, but there are seven others taking up space. There are so many pairs of shoes that he sets the extras on the staircase. He’s fallen over them several times on his way downstairs. It’s a hazard that needs to be organized and decluttered.


The Living Room

A lot of clutter can build up in a living room. Blankets for that chilly winter night. Your mom can’t help but run her hands over them in stores. As a result, that single blanket she owned is now up to six. She only uses one, but she couldn’t resist the others. Her closets are overloaded, so the blankets sit in piles on end tables or ottomans. Those blankets trip her up every time she tries to walk to the kitchen.

Books, newspapers, and magazines are other forms of clutter that commonly get stacked in living rooms. If there’s a fire, all of this can add fuel to those flames. There’s no reason to keep a magazine from years ago. Books that have never been read are not suddenly likely to get read years later. Clear it all out.

Once a home is decluttered and safety items are installed, home care aides can keep the house from becoming a mess again. Hire home care professionals to help with light cleaning, laundry, and companionship. With a friend stopping by, your parent is less likely to want to fill a void with piles of unnecessary items. Call an agency to learn more.


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