Food is vital for your senior because it provides nutrients that her body needs in order to stay as strong and as healthy as possible. If she’s not getting the nutritional building blocks that she needs, that can contribute to health issues.


Her Health Isn’t Doing Well

Your senior’s health affects a great deal of her quality of life. When her health is suffering, she may not feel like eating and certain health conditions may interfere with your senior’s ability to process nutrients from what she eats. All of that factors into what she may be comfortable eating, too, which can also have an impact on the nutrients she has available to her.


She’s Taking Medications Regularly

Medications all have side effects, even when those side effects are relatively minor. Some of those side effects may include changing how her body recognizes and processes nutrients. Other side effects can change how your senior experiences appetite. She may find that she’s rarely hungry or that she’s even nauseated by the thought of food.


Grocery Shopping and Cooking Are Difficult

When it’s physically difficult to handle the basic tasks associated with food and eating, that can mean that your elderly family member doesn’t go to the store as often. It can also mean that she avoids cooking, turning instead to foods that are processed or even that are junk foods. If you’re able to cook for her or if home care providers take over the cooking for her, she can have an entirely different experience when it comes to making food available.


She’s Having Trouble Eating
If eating is physically difficult for your elderly family member, for example, because of trouble chewing or swallowing, that might mean she’s not eating like she should be, too. Some dental issues may still be correctable. Talk to your senior’s dentist and doctor about what may help to resolve the issues she’s experiencing.


Some of Her Senses Are Changing

Your senior’s senses affect how likely she is to eat, so they’re also important to consider. Taste and smell are two of the most important senses to consider. When these become weaker, the food itself may become far less appealing. These senses can also change because of health conditions or because of medication side effects.
It’s important to prepare as much as you can for these problems. Talk to your senior’s doctor about how you can help her to get the best nutrition possible.

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