Your senior’s feet are much more important for her health than she might realize. Issues with her feet can lead to significant issues that she might not have been prepared for.  Addressing concerns promptly prevents your elderly family member’s feet from becoming a big hindrance.

Fall Prevention Is Closely Tied to Foot Health

If your elderly family member’s feet are not in good condition, they may be more likely to fall. Part of her fall prevention plan needs to address any foot health concerns that she can resolve. Any condition impeding your elderly family member’s ability to walk, like ingrown toenails or cracked skin, can be an issue.

Foot Issues Can Sideline Your Senior

Foot issues can do more than affect your elderly family member’s ability to avoid a fall. With big enough foot problems, your elderly family member risks serious mobility problems, even to the point of inactivity. If your elderly family member has pain or wounds on her feet, she needs to talk to her doctor. Once resolved, your family member can return to her previous activity level.

Foot Problems Can Also Affect Independence

Believe it or not, your elderly family member’s foot problems can affect her life to the extent that she loses her independence. When your elderly family member isn’t able to live her life on her own terms, she may find herself dealing with various other problems. This is a massive issue that can reduce your senior’s ability even to age in place. If that’s her primary goal as she ages, then taking proper care of her feet is vital. Again, it’s important to talk to your senior’s doctor about her feet and how to address her specific issues.

Foot Health as a Part of Overall Health

Foot health can also be an important indicator of your elderly family member’s overall health. If your elderly family member has diabetes, for instance, she’s more likely to experience wounds or neuropathy in her feet. These issues can lead to problems with mobility and even to amputation if your elderly family member isn’t able to keep up with foot health. Home health care professionals can be beneficial if your elderly family member experiences problems with her feet. Home health care can help with medications, wound care, and many other details of keeping your senior’s feet as healthy as possible.

Paying attention to your senior’s foot health will help her improve her quality of life and health.

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