Physical therapy is the use of massage, heat therapy, and exercise to improve flexibility, joint movement, and mobility. It also helps reduce pain. It is also helpful in treating many health issues and injuries.

Accidents and Falls

After a car accident or fall, your mom will need to work on relieving pain and strengthening any joints, muscles, or bones that were torn or broken in the fall. She may start in a cast, splint, or brace, and her physical therapist will work on that with her.

Arthritis Pain

Arthritis pain can be extremely detrimental. It’s common, but it can be incredibly painful. When the pain flares up, your mom’s instinct is to rest her joints. That can worsen it.

A physical therapist can work with your mom on exercises that build muscle, strengthen her joints, and ease the pain. It helps her stay mobile, which also helps reduce the pain.


Physical therapists help your mom keep her fine motor skills and maintain her mobility for longer. Eventually, they will diminish as the brain deteriorates, but physical therapists help her stay mobile for as long as possible.


If your mom has diabetes and needs to lose weight, then her physical therapist helps her stay on track. She has the support she needs and expertise of someone who can help her figure out the exercises that help her most and keep her on the path to her goal weight.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is another reason to consider physical therapy. Your mom will work on exercises that help her build strength and lose weight, if needed, without straining her heart. It’s especially helpful after heart surgery, when your mom needs to build strength without too much exertion.

Inner Ear Issues

Inner ear issues can lead to balance issues and vertigo. If your mom’s balance is off, her physical therapist can work with her to maintain balance and avoid a fall. At the same time, her doctors can figure out if her inner ear issues causing vertigo and dizziness can be resolved.


After a stroke, your mom will need to work with a physical therapist to regain the use of her affected arms and legs. She’ll need to build strength and possibly relearn how to walk.

A physical therapist can help your mom learn how to use a wheelchair while progressing to a walker and then a cane. Through this, your mom will have a support team to encourage her to continue working.

Talk to your mom’s doctor about the benefits of physical therapy. If it could help your mom improve her mobility, it’s important to ask and get a referral. Once you have input from her doctor, schedule PT sessions.

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