Your dad went in for hip replacement surgery. He’s in a hospital for a few days, but what happens after that? It’s time to schedule in-home care to make sure he’s supported when he gets back home.

Talk to his surgeon and medical team about the things he should and should not do. While he’s on prescription pain medications, it may be recommended that he not be left alone. He might need someone to drive him to therapy sessions. Get a list of the things he’ll need help with each day.


What Can In-Home Care Aides Do?

Hire in-home care aides to take care of your dad with all of his personal care and household needs. He has caregivers available to clean his home while he rests. He can have his caregiver vacuum carpets, wipe down counters, wash dishes, and dust furniture.

Caregivers can do the laundry, make sure they’re dry, iron anything that needs ironing and put things away. If your dad needs items taken to a dry cleaner, his caregiver can do that. He has a home care aide to pick up prescription refills, take him shopping for groceries, and pick up packages.

It’s going to be weeks before he’s strong enough to change his sheets. A caregiver can change his bedding for him and fold and put the sheets away when they’ve been washed.

Your dad’s not allowed to drive for now. You can’t take time off each week, so hire a caregiver to drive him to his physical therapy appointments and post-surgery follow-up visits. He has a caregiver to accompany him into the medical offices.

If your dad needs help with personal care while he rebuilds his strength, his caregiver can help him. He has someone to hold onto while he gets in and out of the shower. His caregiver can support him while he gets out of bed or sits down in his favorite chair.

Your dad may want moral support while he recuperates. He has exercises to do and needs encouragement while completing them. He might want to go for a walk, but he knows he can’t go alone. Caregivers provide companionship, too.


How Do You Make the Arrangements?

Start by getting a list of questions from other family members. When you call an agency, you want to have all the questions ready. Ask them and make sure you understand the answers you get. If you’re still not clear, you can ask for clarification.

Allow your dad the chance to ask any questions he has. He’s the one spending time with a caregiver every day, so he needs the chance to talk about his concerns.

In-home care is one of the best ways to make sure your dad has the support he needs while he recovers from his surgery. His caregivers help him with personal care, housekeeping, transportation, and meals. Call an in-home care specialist and make arrangements today.


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