Your mom wants to stay in her home, but after your dad passed away, you’re not sure she’s safe on her own. Have you looked at home care assistance as an option that makes everyone happy?

What Happens When You Arrange Home Care?

How does home care work? A caregiver travels to your mom’s home on the scheduled days with a list of tasks to complete. Those tasks are completed one at a time.

Suppose your mom needs help showering, remembering to take her heart medications, and cooking meals. Her caregiver arrives when your mom gets up, helps her shower and get dressed, and gets her tea or coffee. While your mom takes her pills, the caregiver cooks breakfast.

Once breakfast is out of the way, the dishes are washed and put away. Your mom’s caregiver can then help with the housework, make your mom’s bed, change the sheets if needed, and do the laundry.

Your mom has a caregiver with her if she wants to go for a walk. Once that’s done, the caregiver cooks lunch, keeps your mom company while she eats, and cleans up dishes. The caregiver can vacuum carpets, dust furniture, wipe down counters, and help your mom get settled for a nap.


What If Your Mom Has Errands To Run?

Her caregiver can drive her. Your mom’s caregiver helps her write out a shopping list, takes her to the different stores, and helps her read price tags and labels. Her caregiver can carry bags to the car and into the house when they get home.

If your mom has appointments, her caregiver helps her get ready, accompanies her into the office, and waits until she’s done. At that point, the caregiver helps her schedule her next appointment, notes it on a calendar for you to access, and brings your mom home.

What if a caregiver is due to work that day but is sick? A replacement caregiver is sent to your mom’s home until her caregiver is better. Your mom won’t be alone, and you won’t have to take an emergency day off. There’s always going to be a caregiver with your mom on the scheduled day.


It’s Time to Get Started

How do you arrange home care assistance for your mom? First, gather the family to see if anyone has questions. Your brother may want to know if he’s still allowed to pop in when he has free time. Your sister may want to know if she can still take your mom to her doctor’s visits.

Once you have the list of questions, take the second step. Call and ask to talk to a specialist in-home care. The advisor will answer your questions, go over prices, and help you schedule services that match your mom’s needs.


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