Loneliness among seniors is reaching epidemic levels, and the CDC is warning seniors and their families that the long-term effects of loneliness on seniors can be very damaging. Loneliness can increase a senior’s risk of developing or worsening primary health conditions like heart disease. And it can also shorten life spans and increase the risks of heart attack and stroke.

But what can seniors and their families do to fight loneliness? One of the seniors’ best ways to fight loneliness is companion care at home. When seniors have companion care at home, they will have regular visits from a caregiver who can become a trusted friend that will be there for seniors to talk and do things. Some other things that seniors and family members can do to help seniors fight loneliness are:

Play Video Games

Video games are a fantastic source of social interaction for seniors. Surprisingly, seniors are the fastest growing group of people playing video games. Video games with a rich universe full of stories. Likewise, they allow players to talk and complete quests together in real-time forming real bonds, which are a fantastic source of social connection for seniors. Seniors with mobility challenges or health problems that make it difficult to leave home find that video games give them a way to enjoy a mentally challenging unique activity that also gives them the chance to talk with people and make friends.

Connect With Neighbors

Neighbors are a great source of social connection for seniors. If your senior loved one lives in a neighborhood where there are many new people, getting to know the neighbors can provide social interaction and safety for a senior. Hold a picnic and invite the neighbors over to eat some great food and get to know your senior parent.

Video Chat With Friends And Family

Video chats are not as good as in-person visits from friends and family. But they can be a good substitute and provide at least some social connections seniors need. If your senior loved one has trouble working the cell phone or tablet to use video chat technology, a home care provider can help them figure out how to start or answer a video call. Also with a video call, you and your senior parent can see each other or other family members and talk as if you’re in the same room, providing valuable social connections.


Lastly, seniors can find purpose and social connection through volunteer work also. Volunteering will help seniors make friends locally and give them something to do that they will enjoy doing. Mentoring kids, working with animals, reading to children, and doing other volunteer activities will give your senior loved ones some activity they will enjoy and the social interaction they need to stay mentally and physically healthy.


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