Home Health Care: You’ve noticed your mom and dad have more bruises than you’ve seen in the past.

They’re saying it’s nothing to worry about. They brush it off as simple accidents. Should you be concerned? Sometimes, bruising is normal. But, it can also be a sign of health issues that a doctor should address.  A home health care service provider can help to keep tabs on your senior to give the doctor more accurate information. Here’s what you need to know about your parents’ bruises.


Common Reasons for Bruising

Often, the bruises you see are the result of a bump or fall. As you get older, your fat stores decrease, making it easier to develop a bruise after bumping into something or falling.

Your parents may be on medications that make it easier to bruise. Blood thinners and some over-the-counter supplements like fish oil can lead to easier bruising. If your parents take fish oil supplements, talk to their doctor about it.

Dietary choices can also impact bruising. A diet low in vitamin B-12 or vitamin C can make it harder for the body to heal quickly. Make sure your parents eat a balanced diet with whole grains, lean proteins, and plenty of fruits and vegetables.


It’s Important to Ask Their Doctor for Input

Anemia can make it easier to develop bruises. While it’s not as common in older adults, it’s still a possibility. In older adults, anemia can be linked to bleeding in the digestive tract, such as a bleeding ulcer, or heavy periods during perimenopause, if she’s not through menopause yet.

Your mom or dad’s doctor will draw a blood sample to check the red blood cell counts and iron levels to determine if it is anemia. If the test results come back and anemia is present, the doctor may order tests to check for internal bleeding in the stomach and intestines. Their doctor may prescribe iron supplements to build up iron levels and red blood cell counts.

Home Health Care: Read the Side Effects of Prescriptions

If your mom and dad take prescription medications, learn more about the side effects. They may be getting bruises due to the medicines they take. Many prescriptions have side effects like dizziness that increase the risk of a fall.

When bruises occur due to falls, it’s worth talking to an agency about in-home care aides. Find out when your mom or dad is most likely to fall and arrange services to match those times. If your dad fell while stepping over the side of his bathtub, it’s wise to hire in-home care aides to help him in the bathroom.


If your mom fell on the stairs while trying to carry the laundry, it’s worth talking to an in-home care specialist about laundry services. Call a home health care agency to get started.


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