Senior Care: One issue that families run into involves location.

You live on the other side of the country. So, your visits with your mom and dad are limited to once per year for the holidays. Their health is changing, but you can’t pack up and move to be closer. They also don’t want to move. What do you do? Have you looked at senior care services? This is one of the best ways for long-distance caregivers to have peace of mind that their parents are cared for throughout the day and night. Here’s what senior care offers.


Home Care Aides Are Around All Night

Your parents don’t sleep as well as they used to. They’re up at 4 a.m. and ready for a meal. Even if you could get them to go to an adult day program, they’re up too early. That’s one area where a 24-hour home care aide can help out.

If there are caregivers there all day and night, your parents are never alone. The caregivers work in shifts to ensure 24-hour coverage. If your dad wakes up at 4 a.m. and wants breakfast, the caregiver can take care of it.


They Can Take Your Parents to After-Hour Appointments

Your mom’s eye exam appointment is later in the evening outside of the usual 4 p.m. or 5 p.m. closing times. It’s not until 6 p.m., which is later than the 9 to 5 hours that some caregivers follow. With 24-hour home care, it doesn’t matter. The caregiver can drive your mom to and from her eye exam.

Suppose your dad isn’t feeling well. His ear feels hot and is throbbing. He wants to go to the immediate care clinic to see if he has an ear infection. His caregiver can take him. With 24-hour home care, he’s not forced to find a ride or call a taxi or rideshare service.


Everyone Has Peace of Mind

Your mom lives alone. It makes you nervous that she’s all by herself day and night. You worry about her falling and not being able to reach a phone, and you know that she doesn’t always remember to put her medic alert pendant on.

With 24-hour caregivers, your mom is never alone. If she falls, her caregiver is there to help. She also has companionship at any hour, so loneliness is not likely.


Senior Care: How to Get Started

To schedule senior care services, call the agency and ask to talk to a representative. You’ll go over the prices and services, create a care plan, and choose the best day and time to get started. Call now.


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