As people age, it’s common for them to lose their appetite, and because of this, there is a myth that seniors need less to eat. You’re losing your appetite, and drinking less isn’t always a sign that anything is wrong with your senior. But their metabolic rate decreases with age. Older folks often need fewer calories because they are less physically active than when they were younger. Home Care services can be on hand to help with this.

In certain cases, elderly folks have difficulty chewing their meals because of oral issues. Some people’s digestive systems alter as they get older, causing them to acquire intolerances to things like dairy or wheat. Older folks may find it difficult to enjoy meals due to changes in their senses of smell and taste. If your senior needs help cooking easy-to-eat meals or reminders to eat when you’re not home, you should look for in-home care providers to help.

Dehydration, malnutrition, and anxiety are all factors that might make it difficult for seniors to remember to eat. The greatest place to start if you’re worried about your elderly loved one’s appetite is with their doctor. As a result, take the following advice to help your elderly loved one eat more. In-home care providers may help keep a senior hydrated by reminding them to drink more, and they may also help reduce stress by assisting them in taking care of smaller household tasks. Here are some ways to help your senior parents who may forget to eat regularly.


Focus on Nutrition, Not Food

Some older folks may be put off by larger servings because of the higher caloric content. A better quality of nutrition rather than a greater quantity should be the goal while feeding a loved one. To get your dose of vitamins, minerals, and protein, whip yourself a healthy smoothie. Avoid sugary meals and eat more healthy fats and protein, which take longer to break down.


Prepare In Advance

Cooking may be a daunting task for seniors who suffer from memory loss, depression, or other long-term health issues. Prepare meals ahead of time that they can reheat in the oven or microwave as a way to assist them. Serve food in separate portions so that people may reheat just what they desire. Reheat instructions should be included on the label. If you can, cook meals with your elderly loved one. They can be tempted by the smells coming from the kitchen.


Use Extra Spices

Now, this does not mean making every dish super spicy. To improve the smell of food using herbs and spices are your best bet. Use spices such as curry, chili powder, or pepper to spice things up. Cinnamon, nutmeg, or cloves may be used for a richer flavor.


Keep Food Visible for a Senior

Keep healthier food accessible and visible at all times in your home. When storing quick snacks in the fridge, keep them at eye level, making them easy to grab and go. Place the protein bars, each individually wrapped, on the kitchen counter. The kitchen counter is the perfect place to keep bananas and peanut butter. Keep food on the counter to act as a visible reminder that you need to eat.


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