Elder Care: Has your elderly loved one been taking any vitamins?

Maybe, they do so on their own or their doctor may have recommended certain vitamins. Regardless, it can help family and elder care providers to learn about the vitamins their elderly loved ones need. If you can learn about these, you can learn which foods to add to your loved one’s diet.


Vitamin B12

One of the vitamins that is so important for the elderly is B12. It is essential for many reasons. It can help with the following:

  • Creating red blood cells
  • Maintaining nerve functions
  • Boosting energy

Sometimes, elderly people don’t get enough of this vitamin in their diet. If this is the case, for your elderly loved one, you should encourage them to drink more milk. You should also encourage them to eat more fish, meat, and eggs. If needed, the companion care at home services can help, too. The senior care providers that go to your elderly loved one’s house can remind them to eat those foods.



Elderly people need to get enough calcium in their diet, as well. There are numerous ways that calcium benefits the elderly. Some of these benefits include:
Building and maintaining healthy bones
Reducing the risk of fractures and broken bones
Improving energy

Is your elderly loved one not getting enough calcium? If that is the case, you should encourage them to eat more broccoli and kale. They should be drinking more calcium-rich juice and milk, too.


Folic Acid

Research shows that elderly people should be getting folic acid in their daily diet, too. Some of the reasons why folic acid is so vital include:

  • Improving blood supply functions
  • Improving overall health
  • Reducing the risk of certain diseases

Does your elderly loved one need to get more folic acid in their diet? If so, they should eat more fruits, vegetables, and fortified cereals.


Elder Care: Conclusion

These are some of the things that you may need to know about vitamins for the elderly. Are you taking care of your elderly loved one? Do you feel they could use more of these vitamins in their diet? If so, but you need help making sure they get them, you should get elder care at home services for your senior. The home care providers can give reminders for your loved one to eat these foods regularly.

If you feel that your elderly loved one is struggling to eat well, you may want to have them see their doctor about vitamin supplement recommendations.


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