Skilled nursing care is important after a hospitalization or serious injury. It’s also a good idea to schedule skilled nurses if your mom’s health has changed in some way. Explore the different ways this level of home health care helps your mom when she’s home and trying to heal or recover.

Medication Administration

Your mom’s nurse helps track and administer medications each day. If any of her medications require an IV line or injection, her nurse can administer them in her home. Changes to her medications can be taken care of at her home and prevent a trip to the doctor’s office.

Wound and Incision Care

Your mom fell or had surgery and has cuts or incisions that require care. Someone needs to check how well they’re healing, change bandages as directed, and keep them clean. While these may be things you can do, you might not be comfortable doing them. A skilled nurse has the training you lack.

Health Assessments (Physical and Mental)

Your mom’s doctors want her health to be assessed a little more often than once or twice a year. She needs to have her blood pressure checked each day or week. She might need to have her blood sugar levels checked multiple times a day, or her oxygen saturation levels checked throughout the day.

Her nurse can record these numbers and share them with your mom’s medical team. If adjustments to her medicines or care plan need to be adjusted, it happens without your mom returning to the hospital.

Mental health assessments are also possible. Many chronic health conditions can trigger depression. Your mom’s nurse will assess how she’s feeling and pay attention to the early warning signs of mental health issues like anxiety and depression so that your mom has the help she needs to keep them from worsening.

Therapeutic Services

After something like a stroke or traumatic brain injury, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy are important services. Helping your mom into your car, driving her to all of these therapy sessions, and bringing her back home isn’t always convenient, especially if you’re still working.

Instead of having to take her to multiple appointments each week, therapists come to your mom’s home to offer the required services. Your mom will work with occupational, speech, and physical therapists to rebuild her skills.

Feeding Tube and Catheter Care

If your mom needs a catheter or feeding tube, these are typically things you go to a hospital to have removed, inserted, or cared for. Your mom’s skilled nursing care offers catheter and feeding tube care services, so she doesn’t have to leave her home for this level of medical care.

Injections and IVs

If your mom needs an injection or IV line inserted or removed, her skilled nurse can take care of it at her home. She won’t have to return to the hospital or a doctor’s office.

Arrange skilled nursing care today by filling out a contact form to get more information or making a call. An advisor can answer your questions, discuss these and other services offered by skilled nurses, and help you schedule the right services for your mom’s needs.

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