Conflicts: Does your elderly parent often get frustrated with you?

Conflicts: Do you find that it is becoming more difficult to get along with your elderly loved one? If you are having a lot of conflicts with your elderly parent, it is important to figure out what is going on and try to fix it. Here are some tips for how you can start handling conflicts with your elderly parent beginning today.


Home Health Care in Phenix City AL: Handling Conflicts

Home Health Care in Phenix City AL: Handling Conflicts


Listen to Each Other Fully

One of the main reasons why people have conflicts with others is because they don’t fully listen to one another. When this happens, each person is not heard. This can cause them to get frustrated and start interrupting one another. If you are having a lot of conflicts with your elderly parent, this might be the reason why. The next time you are having a conversation with your elderly parent be sure to listen to them fully before you speak. Once you are doing listening, it is your turn to talk. Let your elderly parent know that you need to speak without being interrupted, as well.


Talking About Caregiving Tasks

Has your elderly parent been getting irritated when you try doing things for them? This might be because they feel they can keep doing that task on their own. It is important that you take the time to talk to your elderly parent about the tasks that you are trying to help them with. If you are doing things they are capable of doing, this can cause a lot of conflicts. When you have this talk with your elderly parent, you should also ask them whether there are certain things they would prefer a professional elder care provider helps with, rather than having you help with that specific task.


Keep Talking

Another reason for many conflicts is the lack of communication. For example, if your elderly parent is getting frustrated because you stop over to their house to take them to an appointment when they didn’t know about that appointment, this is understandable. It is essential that are you communicating with your elderly parent. Make sure you are telling them what is going on, when appointments are, and ask how they are doing. If you keep talking to your elderly parent and keep those lines of communication open, there are likely going to be fewer conflicts.



These are some of the many tips for handling conflicts with your elderly parent. Now that you know what to do to handle conflicts, hopefully, there won’t be as many disagreements, arguments, or frustrations between you and your elderly parent. Keep in mind that sometimes, conflicts occur between an adult child and their elderly parent because the parent doesn’t want help from their children. They feel as if they are a burden. If this is the case, your elderly parent might feel more comfortable getting help from elder care providers instead.


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