Home Care: How do you know when it’s time for home care?

Your dad wants to age at home, but you worry about him. He has a more challenging time with certain daily chores, but he’s still very independent in other ways. Is it really time to hire home care aides to help him?

Home Care in Lafayette AL: Home Care

Home Care in Lafayette AL: Home Care


Check His Home for Things He’s Not Getting Done

Think about the things your dad should be doing within the house. Are his dishes clean? Does he do his laundry or wear the same things day after day? When you enter the home, does it smell of pet waste? Is he cleaning up accidents and keeping his cat’s litter changed?

Does your dad’s kitchen have clean counters, or are there stuck-on messes and a lot of grime. Are his floors mopped and swept or covered in dirt, crumbs, and pet hair? If he’s not keeping a relatively clean home, it can be a sign that he could use some help.


Pay Attention to Falls, Bumps, and Bruises

Your dad’s got a new bruise on his head. When you ask him how he got it, he tells you he tripped coming up the stairs. That’s the third time this month. You should start watching him walk around. Is he in pain or stumbling?


See If He’s Eating Well and Has Food in the Kitchen

How is his food supply? Is he holding onto foods that are past date? Does he have spoiled or rotten foods in his refrigerator? Clean his fridge out and start him with fresh foods to ensure he’s not eating anything that may lead to food poisoning.

Do the same in his cabinets. Check the dates on cans and look for anything that has a bulging lid. Make sure he has the staples. If he only seems to have frozen dinners and canned soups, it’s time to look into food preparation services to help him out.


Talk to His Doctor

If you’re allowed to talk to your dad’s doctor, ask if your dad has chronic health conditions that require prescriptions or a special diet. You may need to arrange home care services like medication reminders and transportation to follow-up medical appointments if he does.

He’s ready. How do you get started? Pick up the phone and call a home care specialist. That expert will help you decide the services your dad needs to remain independent. You can ask questions and learn more about prices and scheduling. Call a home care agency to find out the next steps.


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