Cat Adoption: Each June, it’s National Adopt a Cat Month, which makes it an excellent time to talk about pet adoption.

Your mom wants a cat, and you want to make sure she’s prepared for it. What are the eight best investments when an older adult chooses cat adoption?

Senior Care in Lafayette AL: Cat Adoption

Senior Care in Lafayette AL: Cat Adoption


A Cat Tree

Cats naturally scratch things to help keep their claws filed. You don’t want the cat scratching wood trim and furniture. A cat tree is a great investment. Cats like to climb, scratch, hide, and a cat tree allows them to do all of that.

Invest in a cat tree that has multiple tiers. Look for one that has a cube with a cut-out doorway where the cat can hide. If possible, get one with a wood post for scratching and another post with carpet to scratch.


A Self-Cleaning Litter Box

If your mom will have difficulty remembering to clean the cat litter box, a self-cleaning litter box is helpful. The cat uses the litter box. Once the cat exits the box, the motorized cleaning element sweeps the clumping litter to a collection bag. When that bag is full, your mom has to remove it, toss it away, and replace the bag.


Cat Health Insurance

Check with the shelter or humane society to see if there are plans that cover veterinary costs. Some shelters will include free cat veterinary care if an elderly cat is adopted. If not, look into cat health insurance.

Cat insurance helps people afford veterinary bills. Some plans cover accidents, dental issues, and emergencies, while others also include yearly vaccinations, exams, and tests. Your mom will pay a premium for this coverage, but it can save a lot of money on vet bills if there’s an emergency.


A Water Fountain

You’ve probably seen videos of cats sitting at a sink drinking the running water. Cats like moving water, and it encourages them to drink more.

Purchase a water fountain, and your mom’s new cat will drink plenty. That can lower the risk of a UTI and ensure the cat remains hydrated.


Cat Adoption: Hire Senior Care to Help Your Mom Get and Stay Organized

Make sure your mom remembers everything she needs to do after the cat adoption. If she needs help, you can stop by when you can. Does she need help with routine daily activities? Does she have a hard time vacuuming the stairs or sweeping up pet fur? Senior care aides help with this and many other chores.

She can have senior care aides remind her it’s time to take her pills. Take her shopping for groceries and cat food, and help her carry everything in when they get back. Call a senior care expert to learn more about prices and availability.


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