Has your elderly family member told you that she wants to age in place? If she has expressed that desire, it’s vital that her home is as safe as it can be for her. Wondering how you do that on a consistent basis? There may be a variety of different factors that you pay attention to in order to keep her as safe as you possibly can. You and your elder care provider can start out with some of these ideas.


Remove Tripping Hazards

Tripping hazards are a huge problem for aging adults. Falls are the number one cause of injuries for seniors and if your elderly family member falls one time, she’s twice as likely to experience another fall. By removing tripping hazards as much as you can, you’re going to be able to reduce your elderly family member’s fall risk by a lot. There’s more that goes into lowering her fall risk, but that’s an excellent start.


Help to Declutter and Rearrange Items

Clutter is another major issue for seniors and it’s something you can help her to tame. Work with your elderly family member to reduce clutter and consider rearranging furniture and other items to give her more space and freedom in which to maneuver. Relocating a few items can make a big difference in how safe your aging family member feels at home.


Add Safety Features

Another way to help your senior to feel safer in her home is to add some safety features. These are things like ramps in place of stairs, handrails throughout the house, and even assistive devices. Look at the unique challenges your elderly family member faces and find creative ways to address those concerns in as safe a manner as possible.


Revamp Organization

Are all of the things that your senior uses regularly easy for her to access? It might be surprising to both of you to find that where things have been for years may not be the best spot any longer. Your senior may find that it’s safer and easier to relocate some of those items to spaces that allow her better access. If you’re in doubt, try out new locations before committing to them for the long run.


Bring in Elder Care Providers

Having some extra help can be the one big change that does the most for your senior’s safety at home. Elder care providers are able to offer companionship and assistance that allows your senior to age in place as safely as possible. Home care services can help your senior to maintain her new clean space so that clutter doesn’t come back and so that tripping hazards don’t reappear. They can also assist with other mobility concerns, like walking safely throughout her home.

Keeping your elderly family member safe at home also works to keep her feeling happy and excited about her decision to continue to age in place. Find new ways to address safety issues as your senior’s needs change, too. That helps her to continue meeting her goal to remain in her home.



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