Foot Care: Your senior’s feet help her to maintain her mobility, and when she has trouble with her feet or her feet develop issues, that can endanger her safety overall.


Senior Care in Phenix City AL: General Foot Care

Senior Care in Phenix City AL: General Foot Care


Encourage Your Senior to Elevate Her Feet if She Experiences Swelling

Swelling is a common issue as people grow older. If your elderly family member experiences mild or moderate swelling, encourage her to elevate her feet when she’s seated for more than a few minutes. It’s also a good idea for her to rotate her ankles and to wiggle her toes periodically while they’re propped up.


Keep Her Feet Warm if They Tend to Feel Colder than the Rest of Her Body

If your aging family member tends to experience colder feet than the rest of her body, she may have a slight issue with circulation. Keeping her feet warmer might help a bit. Comfortable socks help, as do shoes that she can wear in the house or comfortable slippers that don’t impede her mobility.


Avoid Heating Pads around Her Feet

It’s really important to avoid heating pads around your senior’s feet, especially if how she experiences sensations in her feet has changed. People with diabetes, in particular, can experience neuropathy, which makes it more difficult for them to feel temperature and other sensations. They will need to pay special attention to their foot care. It’s way too easy for your senior to get burned if she’s got heating pads near her feet for too long.


Crossing Legs Can Damage Circulation and Nerves

Sometimes simple habits can cause issues, too. If your elderly family member is in the habit of crossing her legs, especially for longer periods of time, that can cause circulation in her feet and legs to get cut off. This can also cause damage to nerves in your senior’s legs and knees. Try to encourage her to sit in a different way, or at least to switch things up more frequently.


Foot Care: Know When to Talk to Her Doctor

You also need to know when foot care problems are a situation that her doctor needs to address. If your elderly family member suddenly experiences swelling, nerve pain, or lack of sensation in her feet or lower legs, talk to her doctor. Also, if she experiences bruises or blackened areas on her feet or legs, her doctor needs to be aware.

Your senior may find that having some extra help from elderly care providers is key to helping her to keep her feet as healthy as possible.


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