Seniors often struggle to recover after a hospital stay. Even if they were in the hospital for something that wasn’t life-threatening,  any hospital stay can be difficult for seniors. For seniors who are aging at home, being away from the home they love is difficult. And staying in the hospital can be traumatic for any senior. Seniors often come home weak, disoriented, and not feeling like themselves. Post-hospital care services can help seniors feel comfortable again and get them ready to live on their own again.

Post-hospital care is something that will give families peace of mind too. You won’t need to worry about your senior loved one falling when they get up to get some water or need medical care that they can’t get because they are alone.

In addition to getting post-hospital care for your senior parent, you can also help their recovery by:

Using Grocery Delivery To Stock Their Pantry

Your senior loved one isn’t going to be able to do the shopping anytime soon but you can shop for them using a grocery delivery service. You can shop through an app or a website and get all of your senior loved one’s favorite foods and have them delivered to their door. Make sure you include some treats too. And don’t forget basics like paper towels, laundry soap, and toilet paper. Your senior loved one will need those. They may also need new toiletries like a new toothbrush and toothpaste if theirs got left at the hospital.

Checking In Each Day

If you live far enough away that you can’t just drop by every day you can still check in with a quick call each day. You don’t have to stay on the phone for a long time, but even just a five or ten-minute check-in will mean a lot to your senior loved one. They will recover more quickly when they feel like they have loved ones nearby that care about their recovery.

Asking Neighbors to Drop By

If your senior parent has lived in the neighborhood for a while and knows the neighborhood at least a little bit you should stop by or write to the neighbors and ask them to go see your senior parent. Visitors will make your senior loved one feel connected to the world again and give them a sense of normalcy they lost at the hospital. The neighbors can also check on your senior parent to make sure that they are doing ok if you can’t check on them in person as often as you’d like.

Getting The Family To Send Cards And Letters

A surefire way to help lift your senior loved one’s spirits is to have your siblings, cousins, or other family members send cards and letters to keep your senior loved one busy and remind them that they are loved. You can also send books, puzzles, coloring books, and games to make their recovery go faster.

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