Living at home as they get older is a great option that most seniors prefer, but it does come with some challenges. After seniors can no longer drive because they have medical conditions that make it impractical or dangerous, they need to find other ways to get out to do shopping, run errands, go to the doctor, and just get out of the house. What can seniors do to get what they need when they can’t drive anymore? There’s never been more options when it comes to services that make it easier for people who don’t drive to get what they need. Some of the best options include:

Grocery Delivery

Grocery delivery is available from most major grocery chains these days, and it’s very easy for seniors to use. Seniors can go on a computer, tablet, or smart phone to use an app that lets them choose the groceries they want, and add them to an online cart. They choose the items they want and when they want them delivered. Payment is with a credit or debit card, and then a shopper will shop for all the items, bag them, and deliver them. Many delivery people will bring the bags inside for seniors, so that all they have to do is put the groceries away. It makes it easy for seniors to get the healthy food they need.

Home Health Care

Home health care for seniors is a fantastic way for seniors to get some basic health care without having to go to the pharmacy, a clinic, or a doctor’s appointment. While there is a limit to what care a home health care provider can provide. They can help seniors at home. They can provide wound care, checking their blood oxygen level, heart rate, and other vital signs. Performing other minor medical care can also be part of it. A home health care provider can also check their oxygen. This ensures your senior parent’s supplemental oxygen tank is full and working correctly.

Mail Order Pet Supplies

Getting pet supplies from online retailers makes it much easier for seniors to care for pets. Seniors can order all their pet supplies. The suppiles include prescription medication, large bags of food, and big money-saving sizes of litter. All delivered for free from online retailers. Your senior loved one will never have to make a long journey to the pet store, only to find they are out of the food or litter that your senior loved one needs. Most of the time, the items are shipped quickly, so there’s not a long wait.

Ride Share Services

Ride share services are perfect for taking seniors places. Like to church, book club, senior center, gym, or anywhere else your senior parent might want to go. They will need a smart phone to order the car and pay. But ride sharing makes getting a lift much easier than using a cab. Also, the vehicles are much more comfortable too.

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