Home Care Services: Keeping your senior’s feet healthy has a lot to do with both her overall health and with her ability to have the quality of life that she wants to have.

It’s a lot easier to maintain good foot health with some help, which is another reason to consider home care services for your senior.

Healthy Feet Mean Independence

One of the biggest reasons for your elderly family member to prioritize foot health is that she’s more likely to be able to maintain her independence if her feet are as healthy as possible. The reasons for that might not be obvious to your senior at first. Having a plan for foot care ensures that she’s able to keep living her life on her own terms.

Feet Keep Your Senior Active

If your senior’s feet are unhealthy in any way, it’s a lot more difficult for her to be as active as she could be or as she wants to be. Whether the problems she’s having are related to soreness or to the fact that feet do lose cushioning over time, once walking becomes more difficult your senior may start to be far more sedentary. That can cause her to lose muscle mass and develop health issues related to inactivity.

Healthy Feet Mean Healthy Balance

Another big reason for your senior to keep her feet as healthy as possible involves fall prevention. When your senior’s feet aren’t as healthy as they could be, that can lead to compensating when she walks. If she’s doing that, it becomes a lot easier for her to lose her balance when she’s walking and take a tumble. Just one fall increases the likelihood that your senior will fall again, and each subsequent fall can do a lot more damage.

Foot Issues Can Indicate Other Problems

Besides losing cushioning in her feet, your senior may also experience dry and cracked skin and nails, which can become a big issue. Also, she might experience decreased blood flow to her extremities, which can lead to neuropathy and to issues with wound healing. Sometimes these issues are indications of other health issues, such as heart disease or diabetes.

Keeping up with your senior’s foot health is crucial when it comes to keeping her safe and healthy. That’s a lot easier to do when your senior has home care assistance helping with personal care tasks and more. Home Care Services are better able to recognize small signs of trouble that can help you to loop in your senior’s doctor more quickly.


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