Home Care: If you have a senior loved one with Alzheimer’s you know it can sometimes be challenging to take them places and keep them safe.

But when you or a home care provider is taking them to the store or to the doctor or to another destination there are some things that you can try to keep them safe. Look at some of these common scenarios that happen when family members or companion care at home providers take seniors with Alzheimer’s out and solutions you can try to keep your senior parent safe:

Create A Distraction

Suppose you arrive at the store or gas station with your senior loved one and they don’t want to get out of the car or you would like to be able to just quickly run into the store to pick something up or quickly fill the tank and go. But you don’t want to leave your senior loved one in the car for fear they will wander. One way to handle this situation safely is to call a relative or a loved one or even your senior loved one’s home care provider. Tell the person you called to keep your senior loved one talking and then hand them the phone. You can run in and do your errand or fill the tank while your senior loved one safely chats on the phone.

Hang Onto All The Money And IDs

Sometimes family members hesitate to take away their senior loved one’s ID or wallet in case they wander off. If they are found wandering with no ID there will be no way for the family to be notified that their loved one has been found. But in public seniors with Alzheimer’s can be the victims of theft when people realize that they are impaired. Since most people with dementia are friendly to strangers and family alike it creates an easy opportunity for people to steal from seniors. Instead of putting your senior loved one’s wallet or ID in their pocket or purse hang onto them and keep them safely out of sight. Give your senior loved one a dummy wallet or purse if they want to carry one so that if they are stolen the thieves will get nothing.

Carry Water And A Snack

Seniors with dementia can start to have behavioral issues if they are hungry, experience a blood sugar drop, or are dehydrated. But they might not be able to tell you that they are hungry or thirsty. Always carry a bottle of water and an easy-to-eat snack like a protein cookie or some dried fruit and make sure that your senior loved one drinks water and has a snack regularly while you are out.

Home Care: Take A Partner

If your senior loved one is having a really bad day or if you are worried about being able to drive and take care of things while making sure that your senior loved one is safe ask a sibling or friend to come with you. Or have your senior loved one’s home care provider come with you to watch your senior loved one while you handle everything else.


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