If you’ve noticed that your elderly family member doesn’t seem to eat often or much, it’s a good idea to ask what’s going on. She might tell you that her stomach hurts when she eats or that she doesn’t feel good. Here’s what you can do to get some more information.


Senior Care in Auburn AL: Senior Health

Senior Care in Auburn AL: Senior Health


Ask Some Questions

Start getting some details about what type of stomach pain your elderly family member is experiencing. If she’s experiencing pain while she eats or afterward, she might be eating foods that aren’t agreeing with her or having heartburn. If she’s experiencing constipation, she might feel too full to eat and that can be interpreted as stomach pain. Asking just a few questions can help you to narrow down what might be happening.


Talk to Her Doctor

Bring up what’s going on with her doctor. Her doctor can run tests to help your elderly family member to determine what is behind the feelings she’s experiencing. There are treatments for so many of the situations that might be bothering her, so there’s no reason for her to skip eating. That’s going to cause more harm than good.


Assess What She’s Eating

Dig a little deeper into what your senior is eating. You might think that she’s eating healthy food choices, but then find that when she does eat, she’s choosing fried foods or convenience foods. These types of foods typically have ingredients or cooking methods that are more likely to be irritating, which can explain some of her stomach pain. Switching these choices out for healthier options can help a lot.


Adjust Her Diet

When you do adjust her diet, try to choose whole foods, like fruits and vegetables that are fresh, canned, or frozen. Whole grains are also a good choice, so look for some kinds of pasta, breads, and cereals that list whole grains as part of their ingredients. When you choose proteins, leaner proteins are better options. One notable exception is fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon or sardines.

Once you rule out physical and medical concerns, you might want to find some ways to make eating really easy for your senior. Hiring elder care providers to handle the cooking and to keep an eye on exactly what your senior eats can be a huge help. They can let you know what they’re noticing and help your senior overcome obstacles that keep her from eating healthy foods.


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