Insurance Options

Insurance Questions?  We can Help!

Does Prime Home Health Accept Health Insurance?

Prime Home Health accepts a variety of insurances. Please call us today to get more detailed information about your situation and insurance options.

The person needing care may qualify for benefits through one or more of the following options:


Medicare (Part A)
Medicare (Part B)
Medicare Advantage ( for example, Viva, United Healthcare, Humana)

Medicare is one of the largest payors of home health care services.

The Medicare home health benefit is designed to help with recovery from an injury or illness, to manage a chronic condition, or to help with other short-term, intermittent needs. It may cover a range of skilled care services, including:

  • Nursing
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech-language pathology
  • Home health aide services are sometimes covered if deemed necessary along with skilled services

A physician’s referral is always required for home health.

For the U.S. government’s full summary of Medicare home health care benefits, please visit the Official U.S. Government Site for Medicare here:

Private Health Insurance

If the person needing care has private health insurance, they should check their coverage for home health care as it varies from plan to plan. Short-term skilled nursing care post-surgery or after an injury not directly related to an auto or workers compensation accident, most private insurance will cover those costs.

Other Sources

If the person needing care requires help and/or rehabilitation because of an auto accident or job-related injury for example, workers compensation, auto insurance, or employer and consumer plans may pay for home health services.

True Caring Professionals who kept my spirits high and my confidence in their judgement. Great Team.


Excellent, Courteous, and Caring Employees. Always happy, but very professional and would definitely use them again or suggest your company to other friends.


The 3 nurses that attended to me were all truly blessings and a Godsend. These young women all showed complete professionalism, respect, and compassion every single visit. They are absolute credits to your organization. Please extend our love, thanks, and gratitude to them.


I cannot say enough great things about this group. Prime Home Health is above all the others we have used.

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