Home Care Services: Approximately 6.2 million people in the U.S. have Alzheimer’s disease.

The Alzheimer’s Association expects this number to increase to 12.7 million by 2050. With millions of adults in need of care, many adult sons and daughters fill the role of the family caregiver to an Alzheimer’s parent.

In the 2021 “Caregiving in the United States” report, 28% of family caregivers reported dementia and Alzheimer’s as being the reason they help an older adult. If you’re caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s, you’re not alone. You can learn from others such as home care services providers’ to provide the best possible care to your parent.

Trying to Correct Them

Don’t try to correct your parent. Just go with it if they call you by their sister’s name. They’ll be confused if you try to correct them. They’re often going to be in the past, so they will call you their mom, sister, or someone else who had a significant role in their life. Consider it a compliment that they feel you have a strong role in their lives.

There are times you will need to redirect them. If they’re trying to use toothpaste as shaving cream, you’ll need to switch it. Get the shaving cream in your hands, distract them with something, and hand them the correct product while gently taking away the toothpaste.


Refusing to Answer Their Questions

As frustrating as it is to hear the same question repeatedly, a quick answer is much better than ignoring them or telling your parent that they already asked you that. They don’t remember asking you. If you point it out, they will be frustrated and lash out.


Attempting to Get Them to See Reason

Do you remember trying to reason with a toddler if you had children? It wasn’t practical. The same is true with an Alzheimer’s parent. Your parent will not want to reason with you. They’ll get angry if you push it.

Instead of trying to get them to reason, learn to distract them. They won’t eat the meal you’ve served. They insist that they never have liked baked chicken tenders, even though you realize it’s all they ate last week. Take the plate away for a few minutes. Sometimes, a small change is all that’s needed.

Add something to the plate, such as honey, and place one chicken tender into it. Bring the plate back. Your parent won’t remember that you already brought them the meal. If they’re like many Alzheimer’s patients, the sweet honey will draw their attention. They will then eat their chicken tenders dipped in honey.


Failing to Take Breaks As Often As You Need Them

You need to arrange 24-hour home care services as your parent shifts into the middle and late stages of Alzheimer’s. It’s tough to take care of their full range of care needs without a helping hand. Call an expert in 24-hour home care services to learn more.


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