Home health care services make a huge difference for your senior after an injury, surgery, or other types of illness. They’re there for your elderly family member medically and in other ways, too.


Check Pain Levels and Help to Alleviate Pain

After surgery or an injury, pain may be one of the biggest issues that your senior is facing. Home health care providers are able to assess pain levels and help to manage them through the guidelines set up by your senior’s medical team. If pain is excessive or points to bigger concerns, that’s something that your medical team is immediately aware of and can do something to correct.


Take Vital Measurements and Relay Those to Other Medical Professionals

Vitals are taken routinely in the hospital and before every doctor’s visit, and they’re important when recovering at home, too. Home health care providers have the skills to take your senior’s blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature. They can also take any other measurements that apply to her health situation and track them for future reference.


Make Sure Your Senior Is Eating and Hydrating

Eating healthy foods and hydrating are both extremely important for helping your elderly family member to heal properly. Home health care providers can help your senior to keep track of what and how much she’s eating. They can also assist with any issues she’s having around eating, like trouble swallowing or difficulty digesting certain foods.


Double Check Safety Concerns

Recovering from a variety of health challenges can mean that safety is paramount. Your senior may not be up for making any big changes that help her to be safer, but home health care services can be alert for safety concerns. That can be a huge weight off your shoulders and your seniors.


Coordinate Care and Educate Caregivers

Home health care providers can serve as the “point person” for your senior in terms of managing her care and coordinating with all of the different healthcare providers that might be involved right now. They can even help you to understand what’s going on and what your senior needs most at this moment. That gives you a chance to be there for your senior in the ways that matter.

Your senior could only need home health care for a short period of time, or she may need assistance for much longer. A lot depends on the reasons behind the assistance and what else she has going on in terms of her health.


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