Most commonly you may think of lung cancer or other basic disorders that are a response to the elderly smoking in their earlier years, or even as a result of other key points earlier in life. Additionally, there were periods where working with asbestos or other poor air conditions had an effect on their seniors’ long-term respiratory health.

In addition, there is much more to consider for the causes of different respiratory disorders that may require home care to help ensure quality health as seniors progress through their elderly years. This could be a need for 24-hour in-home care, or even just daytime care, to help ensure that your senior loved one maintains quality overall health while a respiratory disorder has already been diagnosed.


4 Leading Respiratory Disorders Affecting the Elderly

Asthma – This is often a disease that seniors faced as children. While it may not have come to them in their senior years, it could still be something that grows worse with age. With the daily difficulties of breathing, there are other issues that could result, whether it is high blood pressure, trouble sleeping, or mental disorders.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – COPD, on the other hand, is a respiratory disease that primarily affects the senior population. This results from things like smoking or the workplace in their younger years. COPD is often related to lung cancer as well, being a much larger part of your senior’s overall breathing difficulty and well-being.

Emphysema – Another disease that comes more often from smoking and other activities from their younger days, emphysema causes shortness of breath. This occurs because the air sacs, alveoli, in the lungs are damaged. The damage may have occurred for a number of reasons. Additionally, due to the weakness itself, the work to breath creates even weaker inner walls of the lungs over time and it is even harder to breathe as time goes on.

Chronic Bronchitis – Chronic Bronchitis is also considered one type of COPD. In this disease, the bronchial tubes are inflamed and produce a great deal of mucus. This could be a result of smoking, breathing polluted air in the workplace, or other long-term activities or conditions.


Leading Causes for Respiratory Disease in the Elderly

Most researchers calculate the increased aged population in our nation, even that the number of seniors over 80 by 2025 will be twice what they were in 1990. It is easy to see that the Baby Boomer generation is getting older and that home care and senior care become more and more valuable at all times. Without the ability as a family member to look after your senior loved ones 24 hours a day, there is much to consider from supportive home care that can

Back in the middle of the 20th century, there was no real concern about smoking and most adults considered it just another standard practice. There were also many adults who worked in mines and other places where chemical-filled dust was spewed into the air. Those risks to their long-term breathing capability were not recognized at the time, so the need for healthcare is much more important today.

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